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Executive Team

Wimpie van der Merwe [CEO]

We are a Business to Business Company that creates value for your Business that is sustainable and builds long term relationships. Global Choices has built customised next-generation marketing platforms that deliver personalized, relevant, timely interactions that customers crave. We offer dynamic multichannel capabilities that include digital, design, communication using customer segmentation and flexible rules to deliver on programme objectives. We deliver customised, personalised and relevant solutions that focus on actions and interactions. Loyalty is about offering customers something of value and engaging with them in a way that makes them feel “known,” across channels; Web, Mobile, Contact Centre and even extending to the in-store experience for redemption. Our state of the art 24 hour Contact Centre provides highly trained case management agents that provides peace of mind regardless of the situation. We understand that your customer needs to be treated with the same care that you would provide and we go the extra mile to ensure they have a great customer experience.

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82 Wessel Road , Sandton, Gauteng 2128, South Africa

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