A blast from the past – Launch of Short Term Insurance in SA, 2016

Work on the second edition of Short Term Insurance in South Africa is continuing at breakneck speed. While researching for the new book I stumbled upon some archive interview footage filmed at the first book launch in July 2016.

The 2016 IISA International Insurance Conference held at Sun City was an ideal backdrop to unveil the new publication, with a diverse cross-section of our intended readership in attendance. A special thanks to Tony van Niekerk, owner of COVER Magazine, who took the time to capture some of my thoughts at the beginning of this dynamic journey. Click on the following link to view the video:

A blast from the past – Tony van Niekerk interviews Gareth Stokes in 2016

Getting ready for the 2018 launch

We look forward to the 2018 book launch which will again take place at Sun City to coincide with the 2018 Insurance Conference. The IISA is changing things up this year, billing the event as the 2018 African Insurance Exchange under the theme “Exploring new frontiers. You can book your seat at the conference here.

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